Thursday, December 17, 2015

BB8 Talks!

This blog has moved to A full size Lego BB-8 is nice and cool, but wouldn't it be better if he acted like BB-8?

The first step to doing that would be to get him to talk!  So here goes!  Looks way better with some animated LEDs!

Yea, I know he needs the newer sounds, but the movie just came out you know?

His "voice" is a Windows Phone connected with a Y cable to a portable Bluetooth speaker and the microcontroller that does the LED levels.  The LEDs are little RGB chips that can be individually programmed.

I had to shave the front brick a little to get it thin enough to light up well, but I think it looks pretty good.  (Before shaving it was just a little yellow dot.  Interesting that the brick turned the light yellow).

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